It’s Jackalman from the Thundercats Classics toyline…cancelled toyline. But the figures we did get from MattyCollector were pretty darn awesome! I love my figure personally and really wish we got the rest of the mutants released. Regardless though, there is hope in the future and we will more than likely see a continuation later. Here’s my thoughts on this guy.

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2 thoughts on “Jackalman – Thundercats Classic Toy Figure Review

  1. ThunderCats withdrawl? Is that a thing? lol

    I was never the biggest fan of Jackalman. Slythe was the one I fixated on a lot, mainly because he was the Plun-Darr leader and the one who came up with the most plans. I wonder if they managed to sculpt a Rataro figure before the line was shut down.

  2. While watching your review I grabbed my Jackalman to see if there were any imperfections. Mine looks really good. I don’t remember Jackalman but this is a really nice figure. I love your thoughts on his leopard gauntlet. I think that would make a great backstory. Another great figure review.

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