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What is it about being played around with and being fucked in public while everyone around you is oblivious to it? I don’t know myself, but it’s fucking hot! In’s scene- Johnny Juice, we see that exact scenario. You gotta love Johnny’s face as he’s being pounded behind a curtain. It’s so incredibly sexy. I loved it! Check out my thoughts on the scene in the video below.

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This Scene stars: Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid

Jay Rising

Jay Rising

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  1. A short time before this video was produced there was another video by another company that happened to be a “true to life” event – a real-life neighbor came to the door of the frat house and complained about the noise, trash and sex parties going on. Jay Rising happened to be the top in that situation when his bottom partner opened the front door while being splacked. It appears that they expected fellow frat members to join the party, and did not expect the neighbor to show up. While the neighbor complained, Jay Rising hidden behind the front door kept splacking his bottom guy who had to listen and respond to the complaints of the neighbor. It was a very surreal moment in porn history – as this video seems to be a play on that one by having Jay Rising as the top in both.

    I think the fantasy scenario is sexy, because it points to things that are supposed to be “under-cover”, hidden and a secret. The real fun of a secret is that other folks do not know about it, and the effort to keep it that way. The thrilling part of a secret is when one is almost detected, but is still able to keep the secret going.

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