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Justice League – Anyone Seeing it This Week? (Please Do Not Post SPOILERS)

Justice League comes out this week. Some people have already seen it and others are seeing it opening night. I will not get to see it until Friday, which feels like an eternity! I have my hopes set at a medium level, so I’m not looking to be disappointed, but I am hoping to be thoroughly entertained. I will not hold this up to a precedence that it will be the most awesome thing ever, but I will call it out if it it just complete garbage. Word of mouth from other geeks that have already seen it do say that it is much better than they thought it would be. That’s good to hear. Everyone has their own opinions and sometimes a great movie by one person could be a complete waste of time to another. So I’ll judge for myself. Are you seeing it? Are you excited? Do you not care?

1 thought on “Justice League – Anyone Seeing it This Week? (Please Do Not Post SPOILERS)

  1. I’m going to see it Thursday night. I’m looking forward to see Wonder Woman, Mera, and Ezra Miller’s Flash. I really hope it’s entertaining at the very least.

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