Justice League of America Rebirth #1 Comic Book Review – SPOILERS!

Whoa, this was awesome! Steve Orlando wrote this issue with Batman recruiting several characters to start an army for an unknown threat that only Batman sees at this time. This a great issue that starts up this team and hopefully ties into the overall Rebirth storyline taking place in the DC Universe.

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2 thoughts on “Justice League of America Rebirth #1 Comic Book Review – SPOILERS!

  1. I… really dislike the idea of Batman leading the Justice League. I feel like Batman’s not the right person to take charge of a group like that for any extended amount of time. Now, the Outsiders were a different matter. They were more of a covert ops type of superhero group, and that–I think–is where Batman excels at.

    That’s just me, however. It doesn’t make a story badly-written, or mean that it can’t go somewhere really good eventually. Good review overall, Paulie. Thanks!

  2. Great review. I really liked this Rebirth issue. I’m curious why Batman needs his own Justice League. I don’t think Batman planned for Tim to be “taken off the board”. Batman’s grief is distracting him from making the same connections Tim made. That’s probably why it’s taken so long for him to investigate the Button. The Ray Palmer mystery is intriguing and I hope the payoff is a lot better than the last time Ray Palmer disappeared (the awful Countdown series). I also hope Midnighter & Apollo make an appearance. Maybe they can be Batman’s secret weapons for when Lobo eventually gets out of control.

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