Justice League Trailer #1 – What Do You Think?

What do you think? It looks good but I guess I was hoping for more. A lot of this was stuff we have already seen. I know I’m being greedy, but we have barely seen Wonder Woman be the badass warrior woman that I want. Aquaman got more screen time, which is good. Flash’s Red Power Ranger armor still hasn’t grown on me. Cyborg’s armor looks cool but so much CGI with it.
I know Superman will be in the movie and I am sure that he’ll probably make an appearance in his black costume in the next trailer.
I really feel like a Green Lantern is missing from this line up. I know it’ll make everything brighter and more positive, which is any Snyder in every way possible, but we should have one here. WB is scared to death of making that mistake again, but there should be one present if the threat of Apocalypse is about to loom over the Earth.

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3 thoughts on “Justice League Trailer #1 – What Do You Think?

  1. This was….OK. We really don’t see anything regarding the story, which has me worried. Just a bunch of action and posing. The darkness of all the shots has me worried too. The good things are Wonder Woman looks like a badass and Aquaman looks equally imposing. I am not a fan of Flash’s armor costume or of Cyborg’s CGI look. I am holding out hope that this will be a good movie. I do think Green Lantern could have added some brightness to this.

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