Justice League Trailer Coming This Week!

I just jizzed my pants seeing this. The new official Justice League trailer is not out until Saturday, but holy fuck!!! This is part of the teaser. I’ve been waiting my entire life to see Batman being portrayed like this on live screen. Don’t get me wrong, I love the past renditions of Batman. Adam West’s campiness made Batman a household name. Keaton reinvented and gave us a gothic Batman with Tim Burton at the healm. Nolan tried to give a more realistic Batman with Christian Bale in the Dark Knight Trilogy. But none have really lived up to the comic book interpretation that I have in my head. I’ve only seen low budget fan movies that make Batman the way he is in the comic. Batman the Animated Series is probably the best Batman series of all time and got his character down to a perfect character that translated to screen perfectly. But it was animated. However, this one lone image above gives my goosebumps for live action. I was not the biggest fan of the Batman v. Superman movie because of many elements, but I did feel as though Batman was done right. With the exception of the Red Ranger armor that the Flash is wearing, this gives me lots of hope for the upcoming movie!

What do you think? Are you excited or at least getting more into the upcoming Justice League movie?

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