Justin Case and the Closet Monster by Julien Mark

Have you heard about Justin Case and the Closet Monster by Julien Mark? The comic strip consists of two gay men, Justin and Peter who are in the closet and struggling with coming out. Luckily for them, there are magical creatures that live in a parallel dimension that are assigned to every gay and lesbian person in our own dimension at birth to help out in just such a case.

I have only read the previews to this comic strip, but there is a lot of comical aspects to this series, there some serious real life tones to it as well as some slightly sexual aspects. Nothing not safe for work, just some illusions to panels and crotch shots that you generally do not see in most strips. It seems great!

There are a few different characters being shown in the preview and many others that are planned to be introduced. Currently Julien has a Kickstarter that is attempting to get the series going full steam. If you are interested in following or helping this project, check out their site over at: www.KickStarter.com/projects/graphic-novel-justin-case-and-the-closet-monster

The actual website: www.JustinCaseandtheClosetMonster.com/
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/justincaseandtheclosetmonster/
Instagram: Instagram.com/justincaseandtheclosetmonster
YouTube Channel: www.YouTube.com/channel/JustinCaseandtheClosetMonster