Let’s Get Real – #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend – What Do You REALLY Think Will Come of this?

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I wonder, would anyone be upset if Black Widow was bisexual and had a girlfriend while Bruce Banner was missing? Until #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend came up, the vast majority of audiences who have seen the Captain America movies have assumed that Steve Rogers is a heterosexual male. I am all for the idea of having a gay male superhero being represented on screen in the Marvel Universe. But it is not going to happen with Cap. I hate saying that and I hate to hurt anyone’s dreams. But Marvel will not give Captain America a boyfriend. Captain America is debatable as being the flagship character in the Marvel Cinematic universe and is also part of one of their largest money making movie series. Besides the financial loss of viewership from obvious bigots, there will be those who are legitimately NOT homophobes and they will more than likely also boycott any future movie with the character. Disney would never do something like that for a franchise that has made them billions. Fan outcry would be legendary.


Look what happened with the fan outcry in the DC Cinematic Universe with Zack Snyder. Snyder’s vision was too dark and is now being overseen by DC Creative Head Geoff Johns and Jon Berg because of this fan outcry. To top that all off, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gotten it spot on that relationships can be present, but is not and should not be the focus of any movie. No one wants to watch a movie with Tony Stark losing Pepper (again) and then getting her back by the end of every superhero movie.

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Do I want to see Captain America with Bucky on screen? Yes. Absolutely yes, pure and simple. I know this goes against my geeky nature of wanting comic book accuracy, but to hell with it. The movie universe is different from the comic universe and Steve Rogers could be bisexual. Almost every comic book character since the invention of the comic book superhero has been pandered towards heterosexual men. No long standing character could ever be deemed to be anything other straight, or the book wouldn’t be published with the Comics Code Authority in place. It gives me hope to think that a sexuality other than heterosexual can be identified on screen with a superhero. Do I think this will happen just because I want it to happen? Absolutely not. I know it will not happen. But I can still hope. I support Cap and Buck as being an item in fanfics and other people’s universes constantly. Of course even that has landed lots of criticism. As if other people’s non-cannon stories, artwork and fanfic are somehow harmful to anyone.

Capt and Bucky

Bucky and Cap have a long history with each other and I love the possibility of thinking that their bromantic story is even more that what the viewer has been witness to so far. There are so few gay men represented on screen in leading roles as it is and even fewer that are donning superhero alter egos. I want to see a leading gay character be the flagship character of a mainstream series of movies. My dream since I can remember is to have a gay character in a leading role in a mainstream movie that is not the comic relief, or a supporting character, and is not a guy that may give a small reference to their possible sexuality. I want an openly gay badass hero whose sexuality is up front and center as so many other heterosexuals show in every other movie.

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The movie universe is set apart from the comic books and this is a different universe altogether, so sexuality could be fluid. Steve Rogers could very well be a bisexual male that has not spoken of his feelings towards Bucky. He risked everything on the belief that Bucky was innocent and defied the United Nations to save his buddy. Bucky himself was a secret spy/Winter Soldier that went on many missions. Who is to say that he himself has not had to flirt and seduce men in the past to get away with his supposed missions? Are we to assume that only sexy women are seduced by spies? Most secret agent movies will lead us to believe this. But it will never come to be.

When this is all and done however, Marvel will never give Cap a boyfriend. Captain America will be heterosexual and pursue a female. We can hope, and dream. He will more than likely not even have a relationship at all. Which is truer to what he would be fighting for more than anything. The most we can hope for is a new character (good luck in finding one that is not owned by the Fox/X-Men) being shown on screen that will be a gay male. And be a character that is not shown briefly and then forgotten. Even then there will be those upset that any gay character is shown, but at least the usual supporters will not be disenfranchised.

Stan and Evans

What do you think? Is this a thing to hope for or is it a thing that should be promptly dropped?

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real – #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend – What Do You REALLY Think Will Come of this?

  1. I like the idea of a Captain American canon where Steve was gay/bisexual, and this was the ‘real’ reason why he couldn’t join the military during WWII. Then, after he’s thawed out and wakes up in 21st century times, he finds out that quite a bit has changed, and contemplates coming out.

  2. I agree, it won’t happen with Captain America unless there is some parallel universe Steve Rogers that can be written into a story. I look forward to a fairer portion of society being reflected in comics soon though.

  3. It’s not going to happen with Cap/Bucky no matter how many hashtags there are. Disney/Marvel will not risk alienating most of their movie audience to please a select few. I love that Chris Evans & Sebastian Stan tease in interviews but that will be all that comes of it.

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