I have always wondered why there very few LGBT characters in gaming. Now before people start pointing out characters; hear me out first. I am not talking about characters that CAN be LGBT like in the games Mass Effect or Sims. I am talking about characters that are not part of the creative RPG’s (regular like Final Fantasy would work). The mainstream games if you will. Now there are a few here and there, most of them from what I have noticed are minor characters or when the game gets a western export they change the character. Those characters are like Birdo from the Mario games, in the eastern games Birdo is a transgender, but in the western is made to be a girl. This was done to a few other characters as well. Now it is getting better with introducing characters who are gay or lesbian, but it still feels as though the community is being neglected just a bit. Some characters are speculated to be gay such as Zangief (the Muscle Bear of Street Fighter), but was seen dreaming of women in a non-cannon game. Recently one of the more notable gay characters to make their debut was Kung Jin (cousin of Kung Lao) of the Mortal Kombat series. It would be interesting to find a Gay Master Chief, or Link, Marcus Phoenix,


Now there is a a convention out there that was started a few years ago called GaymerX.

This con is a LGBT gaming convention that has panels that also focus on what I was just talking about. I have noticed that since GaymerX started to get bigger there has been a growing of LGBT characters in gaming. Hopefully this continues because being a gay geek and gaymer I see the video-games are being a little bit more neglected on the spectrum. However, that is starting to change.

Correct me if I am wrong though, but are there any mainstream games out there that actually have any main characters who are part of the LGBT community?

Here are some characters that are just hot and would be cool if they had they were gay.

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