Live Action Titans Trailer was released and DC Universe New Streaming Service

Fuck Batman! Holy cursing and very bloody Dick Grayson Batman! The upcoming Titans series has released its first trailer and damn is it dark. I am not saying that it is bad but at first glance, this seems much more like a dark Watchmen universe show. It has a lot of potential and I will most definitely be watching it. The only thing that has me pondering is that I really hope that Dick Grayson is not a killing vigilante in this universe. I don’t mind the cursing, in fact I think that’s awesome. The killing however, that would bother me a lot.

Titans will run exclusively online as part of the new DC Universe streaming service, which will be approximately $7.99 a month or $74.99 for an annual subscription. Besides Titans the streaming service will also include Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol, as well as classic TV and films like Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Batman Beyond and the Justice League animated series. Also both live action and animated stuff like Birds of Prey, Batman Begins and Constantine. Let’s not forget, Young Justice is coming next year baby!!!
Check out the Titans trailer and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Live Action Titans Trailer was released and DC Universe New Streaming Service

  1. If it makes you feel any better, Dick didn’t kill anyone in the trailer. He shot ABOVE their heads, the guy he stabbed was in the collarbone, and he stepped on the dudes jaw. Everything happened so fast in that part it’s hard to tell. He’s definitely going to be more brutal (Brutally. Brutally. It was brutal.) in how he fights, but he’s not gonna kill it seems.

    That said, there’s still plenty in the trailer that doesn’t inspire confidence but I’m still excited for it.

  2. Hate hate hate hate hate the TT GO and younger Raven! The original by Wolfman and Perez would be so much cooler and actually more dark! And WTF is up with the shitty weave on Starfire? OMG seriously! The rest looks pretty good. I like him as Robin think he’s not a good Dick (LOL).

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