Looking: The Movie- The Trailer Has Been Released- Are You Going to Watch This?

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I watched the show Looking on HBO every week. I was not the biggest fan, but I watched it and I supported it. I had issues with the slowness and the dark lenses used, but it was a good show nonetheless. There are few shows that represent realistic life of gay men. So I hoped that it would be an ongoing series that I would look forward to for future seasons. Unfortunately it never received the time needed to get it’s momentum going. It was never made into a big deal as many other gay shows before it had received. Admittedly the slow pace to it and the more realistic universe it was set in deterred some fans. Many are used to a fantastical world that most other gay tv shows perpetuated. This was part of its downfall as many viewers tuned out and did not give it very much attention. Most of the audience that should have supported it, did not give the viewership that it needed to continue on for a third season. As a result, the show ended on a pessimistic note with little conclusion to any of its characters. Until now that is. Looking: The Movie has been made and it will complete the series with all of the main stars reprising their roles from the first two seasons.

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The movie is set to premiere on HBO on July 23. There are a lot of loose ends and fans have been promised that this movie will tie up everything with Patrick (Jonathan Groff), Kevin (Russel Tovey), Agustín (Franke J. Alvarez) and Dom (Murray Barlett). Personally, I watched the show to see more of Russell Tovey’s character as I’ve had a huge crush on him for years. I relate to his huge ears especially. Check out the trailer to the movie series finale below.

2 thoughts on “Looking: The Movie- The Trailer Has Been Released- Are You Going to Watch This?

  1. I didn’t keep up with this show, but I will probably watch it at some point down the road, which means watching the movie to have a ‘finale’ of sorts. I ended up doing (sort of) the same thing with Firefly.

  2. I watched the second season mainly for Russell Tovey. I liked it for the most part. I’ll definitely watch the movie to see how they end it.

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