Luke Cage Starts on Netflix – September 30 – YAY!!!!

Luke Cage

If you are like me, then you are eagerly waiting for the second season of Daredevil to air on Netflix on March 18 (one week from now as of the making of this post). But just announced by Luke Cage star Mike Colter, his series by the same name will be airing on Netflix on September 30, 2016. This is great! Some fans were speculating that we would not get his series until the end of the year. Granted, this is near the last quarter of the year, but I will take it!


If you are unaware of the Marvel Cinematic Netflix world, Daredevil started this trend in 2015 with his own series. It was unknown at the time if the series would tie into the Marvel Cinematic world and/or be continued after the first season. Both were true and the series was not only a hit but Marvel Powers That Be decreed that we would get multiple superhero series to take place in the world known of Netflix. Jessica Jones was the next series to air with her future husband, Luke Cage playing a possible love interest for her.


Luke Cage also known as Power Man, has unbreakable skin and a degree of superhuman strength. His strength levels fluctuate depending on the writer in the comics, but he does appear to be at least as strong as Jessica Jones in the tv series. He becomes a Heroes for Hire mercenary that takes on a heroic role in the Marvel Universe. Luke’s bromantic boytoy Heroes for Hire partner, Iron Fist was recently cast as Finn Jones, better known for his gay role on Game of Thrones. It is unknown whether or not his character will show up in Iron Fist, if only in a small cameo role, but it would make a lot of sense to pass the torch to Iron Fist in this show, similar to how Jessica did this in her own show to Luke.

Luke 2

All of these characters and possibly others will be joining forces for a highly anticipated Defenders series later down the line. Marvel is playing it cool and slowly introducing the characters and will be having more crossovers as the different series unfolds. It should be noted that the Netflix series is unlike the rest of the Marvel Cinematic universe. It is not kid friendly as sex, lots of blood and violence as well as the occasional curse words are used regularly. It is awesome and Luke’s series cannot get here fast enough!


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