Macrophilia – Sexual Fascination with Giants or Bigger/Smaller Fetish – Do You Like This Too? (NSFW)

Giants 1

When I was younger, I had a sexual dream. I had lots of sexual dreams. We all do. One dream involved me and tiny men that were small enough to fit in my hand. Or more appropriately, fit in my underwear. The size comparison is similar to how King King could carry around a helpless person. That dream stuck with me for a long time. Later I had a similar dream, only the roles were reversed, and I was the little human being carried around in the junk of a giant man. I had no idea that this was a sexual thing that others enjoyed too. It is not really a fetish since there are no giants walking the Earth. That we know of. But scouring online, I found that there are quite a few people out there that have similar fantasies.

Bigger Smaller Guy

Some fantasies for macrophilia does not involve giants, but just involve the bigger/smaller comparison of guys. That is a huge thing among many couples, and is not considered macrophilia, but it is something that is noticed among macrophiliacs. Many tall guys are attracted to the opposite stature and find smaller men that they are more comfortable with. The same can be said with smaller men that want guys with much more mass. I myself once dated a man that was nearly a foot taller than me. If you are curious, I am 5’8″ and he was 6’7″. He was a nice guy and a gentle giant, but I have to admit that my giant fetish was going into overdrive with him. This is not uncommon at all. In fact, many fetish sites show men that are photoshopped to not only be more muscular, but to be much taller than they really are.

Giants Grab

Then there are sites that have pics and small animations that show giants that in the sci-fi level of hugeness. These are not as common as many pics out there as it is more difficult to see guys in this fashion on porn sites. There are several heterosexual porn movies that exist with this fantasy, but the gay versions are not quite as common. There are a couple amateur sites that I have found with the role play of the viewer being the camera and a ‘giant’ talking down to the camera with the allusion of the viewer being a small person. Lance Hart has done this several times on his own site But unfortunately there is not a lot more out there. Many companies do not want to put in the full production to make a CGI effect porn movie that would only cater to small population of people.

Giant Shrinking

Another aspect of the macrophilia fetish is the shrinking or enlarging of a man. There exists a huge fetish with people that are into transformations, and the changing of size/mass is part of this. This is somewhat more common with a guy growing, but there are those that want to shrink others to get them in their pants. Literally. I have read many adult comic books that have a guy shrinking down and being plopped inside of another man’s underwear. Obviously the little man then starts to fondle and do all sorts of sexual things to the giant. Maybe this is why I want to do an AntMan costume so bad.

Giant Jerk

There is an obvious “size queen” aspect to any giant role in a macrophilia fantasy. It is nothing new that many men day dream about the idea of a huge giant cock that exists and is bigger than an averaged sized person. This is just played out much more in a fake world such as the pic above. Macrophiliacs generally like the idea of a giant that is very sexually playful and has willing participants that want to do many things that would otherwise be impossible for any other scenario.

Giants 42

As I have said many times in the past, many fetishes out there exist. Some I totally get into. Some I would like to try out. Others I’m a bit more apprehensive because of my fear of pain. But deep in the recesses of our minds, we all get into something that others may not find as gratifying. As long as it is within the limits of the law, exploring these sexual fantasies is the best way to find others out there that share our views. Macrophilia is something that I get turned on by a lot, and I hope to one day see a real movie with special effects that involve this. Here’s some pics that I’ve collected. What do you think?

Here are some sites with macrophiliacs in mind:

3 thoughts on “Macrophilia – Sexual Fascination with Giants or Bigger/Smaller Fetish – Do You Like This Too? (NSFW)

  1. I love size difference. In Vancouver you can run into it in real life. There are some really extreme body types here. I was chatting with a guy online a week ago. He just has massive arms. I made a comment to him that he had gone way beyond body builder. He was actually in the realm of fantasy. It is really interesting here. I guess the ones that really throw me for a loop are the 25 year olds that are a 30cm taller and have 30kg on you. What are you supposed to do with that!?!!?

    I like to be different than the guy I am with usually. It makes it more interesting

  2. I just want to know what film or video company the “Giants-6” photo is from.

  3. I’m actually in a relationship with a macrophile, and he really gets off on the fact that I am larger than he is. I sometimes describe to him the size difference between us when we fool around together.

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