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Just in, Mara of Primus from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. You may not remember this character, because like many He-Man fans, they didn’t watch the New Adventures of He-Man. That’s not to say that they did not have their own following, and that the series was bad, but there were people like me that just couldn’t watch this new direction. It was great in its own right. Here’s my review on one of it’s characters- Mara of Primus.

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1 thought on “Mara of Primus- Masters of the Universe Classics Toy Review

  1. GCG – I think that you might get a good kick out of the following website and video:

    “Tosh.O” Interviews Former Menudo Member/Viral Star Angelo Garcia
    by Eric Shorey 9/1/2015

    If you were born in the ’90s, you might not remember the Latin boy band Menudo, which launched the careers of Ricky Martin and Draco Rosa.

    But it’s a different Menudo member, Angelo Garcia, who’s in the spotlight this week.

    We caught Garcia’s He-Man impersonation last Halloween, and discovered a treasure trove of insane viral videos the out singer, 39, has made.

    Recently Garcia sat down with Daniel Tosh for a muscle-flexing trip down memory lane on an episode of Tosh.0. In the clip below, Garcia kikis about everything from his boy band days and childhood sex abuse to owning his bisexuality. “I’m a sexual person—so many people don’t own that. he reason why we exist is because our parents f*cked, you know?”

    Can’t argue with that logic.

    Tosh and Garcia end up re-creating Garcia’s He-Man fantasy, somehow making it all that much gayer.

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