Max Steel Toy ManLove Video (UNCUT)

A while back I was part of a gay YouTube collab channel. One of the members was Samantha Mack. At the time she was dating a man (James) and making some sexy online videos that were generally geared more towards heterosexual men. However, as a Christmas gift to me in a Secret Santa thing that we did, the made a different kind of video with a Max Steel toy that they named Tyler. The video was posted up at ManCast for years, but the closed down recently. I had a request on Twitter to repost the video, which I said, sure. Why not? Here is the entire video uncut, even with the couple’s message to me at the end. I cannot host large videos on my site, so I had to compress the vid and lower the quality in order to post up.

This video was just suppose to be a joke, so I do hoped everyone laughed at it. Also, in case anyone was wondering, that Max Steel toy was sent to me and I still have him with the rest of my toys. I’ll keep it and cherish it for as long as I can. I mean it does have a very unique origin.

Check out Samantha’s YouTube site:

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