Meet the sexiest Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Costumer, EVER!

Anyone who went to Bent Con this past week (I didn’t, I had to work), saw this kickass, Superman Cutie costumer- Sora. Aka OfficialGaymer Also known as Matthew. I mean, damn. I’ve seen super gay slutty Sora’s, but this fully clothed version is just hot! I got his permission to share some of his pics on my site. Check out his instagram at:

Sora 4

Shirtless DAMN

Halloween Dungeon Master

Leather Master

Flex Comics

Game of Thrones Bitch


Ice Man 2

Ice Man


Nice Ass




Sora 1

Sora 2

Sora 3


9 thoughts on “Meet the sexiest Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Costumer, EVER!

  1. I am always amazed at the quality of work put into these costumes. I have never been able to figure out how to take the image in my mind and make it real. It makes hot guys like this even more sexy.

  2. Is he one of your entourage of gay geeky friends? Cause he’d make a great addition! If not, can you just post more of him with other gaymer people?

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