Men.Com makes some badass series! Their Men of Anarchy is series one those great set scenes! Check out my review on the series that they’ve released so far:

This series stars: Paddy O’Brian


Gabriel Cross

Gabriel Cross

Bennett Anthony


Johnny Hazzard

380x515 (1)

Jake Bass

380x515 (2)

1 thought on “Men of Anarchy – Men.Com Series UNCUT Review

  1. I was somewhat impressed by this. The acting didn’t look too bad (for porn, but there’s always room for improvement there). I did like the sets and the fact that the actors did appear to be the ones cruising on the motorcycles.

    The open ending did bug me a bit because I felt like there was so much more that could be done with this concept, but if they continue with it, that’ll be great.

    And I’m going to say this just to tweek you a bit: I’m counted as a ginger myself, and yes, I do have a beard. 😀

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