Merlin and Arthur – This Was an Awesome Series

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You know what was a great show? BBC’s Merlin. The series was 5 seasons long and each season was 13 episodes long. Also, each season moved the young sorcerer closer and closer to being the famous sorcerer that we all know from even the most basic of Arthurian mythology. Merlin himself was played by Colin Morgan and Prince Arthur was played by Bradley James. Both were excellent actors and perfect for these roles.

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Although Arthurian mythology has been retold in many stories with lots of differences from one adaptation to the next, the series itself took even more liberties in it’s changes with the development of its characters. For instance, Merlin and Arthur are the same age in this show while usually Arthur is depicted as being much younger than Merlin. Many stories even go as far to show that Merlin is a parental figure for Arthur while Arthur is still a child, so that in itself is drastically different.

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I have never done a video on Merlin as I got into the series about mid through the 3 season. By the time I caught up, the show was over. But one of the aspects about the show that I saw immediately, was the bond between the characters of Arthur and Merlin. Merlin played a bit of bumbling servant to Arthur who hid his magical talent from Arthur since magic was outlawed within the kingdom. But the two characters were very close to each other. Arthur pretended to only regard Merlin as his servant, but in actuality, Arthur genuinely cared about Merlin. A lot.

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I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they were together romantically, but there was definitely a BROmantic thing going on between them. I sometimes think that the writers made some scenes with the specific intent on making the viewer want to see the two together. On some scenes, I was thinking, damn, why don’t they just kiss and lay down and cuddle with each other already. It seems like they want to do that. By the way, if you were a Merlin and Arthur shipper, you were called a Murther.

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I won’t go into the ending of the series, but I definitely feel as though a follow up movie could have been made for a firm closure to everything that the show created. I do love the series and the ending we got was somewhat satisfying, but I felt as though there was a possibility that something else could be included. I’ve costumed as Merlin at a Renaissance festival a while back and it received a lot of praise. I may do that again one day. Regardless of that, did you watch the show? Did you like it?

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  1. Yesssssss I love this show. And I too felt the strong connection between Arthur and Merlin. They are so cute together.

  2. I couldn’t watch the series though I loved the two leads. It’s one of the shows I wondered why they didn’t just go the last step and make the two of them a couplle.

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