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This first issue to Oni Press’s gay version of Robin Hood and his Merry Men has hit the stands. It is a different concept on Robin Hood that I had never considered in the past. It is unique and a great first issue. The story of a gay band of outlaws fighting against the tyrannical forces of Prince John does allude to a lot of similar fights that the gay community has fought in the past. So this does have a lot of basis with reality.

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2 thoughts on “Merry Men #1 – Gay Robin Hood Comic Book Review from Oni Press

  1. It is perhaps more historically accurate than you are aware of. There was a backlash to the rise of ‘Cathoholic'(sic) monastic & chivalric orders that were same sex only during the period of 1150-1250. There were very few if any canonical proscriptions before then against same sex relationships; especially among the aristocratic classes(so long as dynastic considerations were taken care of) and among the other classes.
    But perhaps due to their respective influence & power, both derived from Crusader loot, royal & papal perogatives, and donatory sources; there followed the rise of Papal authority both physical & spiritual that restricted anything beyond patriarchal & heteronormative limits. This resulted in the crushing of the Templars (Sodomy & heresy), monastic orders closed, and civil proscriptions used to both control & ‘outlaw’ transgression by anyone. While there was perhaps more smoke than fire; there were large areas where same sex behavior was unremarkable & common.
    It is entirely plausible that among any group of long-term same sex only group; physical sexuality was expressed. Even moreso in terms of bonding as in classical examples of the Sacred Band of Thebes & Alexander’s Companions.

  2. I saw an interview with Robert Rodi a couple of months ago about this so I was intrigued. The first issue was really good and it’s a fun concept. It will be interesting to see where they go with this, especially if King Richard returns. I also like that Robin and Little John are a couple. It makes me see their staff duel from the movie in a completely different light 🙂

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