Who hasn’t wanted to fuck a Mormon guy at one point in their life? I’ve got Mormon boys all over my apartment complex and all of them are fucking hot. They’re all super nice to me too. Of course I’m pretty sure they want to talk to me for a completely different reason. Over at Men.com, there is a series called Mormon Undercover, where a guy goes undercover as a Mormon Missionary to fuck other guys around him that have the same fantasy that I have. It would TOTALLY work on me if he were to come up to me with that trick.

Check out my video review below on the first part to this series. As all of my XXX video reviews, it is hosted by ManCast.com

After you watch my video review below, check out the full scene at: Men.com

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This scene stars: Paul Canon

Paul Canon

And Jake Wilder

Jake Wilder

1 thought on “Mormon Undercover Part 1 – UNCUT Scene Review from Men.com

  1. I probably would have sex with a Mormon if the opportunity arose. It wouldn’t bother me one bit. I did know already that there is a huge seduce the Mormon/Preacher’s Kid fetish out there in porn, but it was funny to see that Men.com was doing this.

    Good review!

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