My AGayCollab vid- Embarrassing Moment

3 thoughts on “My AGayCollab vid- Embarrassing Moment

  1. I was the same age when I started going out to the club. I used to get embarrassed a lot when I never knew what guys were talking about. I could not rattle off any Madonna songs. I was real easy to make blush. A few guys used to tease me just to make me blush.

  2. Two comments from me:
    1. BACK when you were a pup of 21?!? How old are you now? Seriously, I thought you WERE only around 21. *jealous as all fuck*

    2. I’m an Aussie and there are 20 million people who live here too and we’re not all dead from the millions of insects which could kill us. I think those doco people just want to scare you all away because they want the place for themselves. Get thy hot ass to Australia for a visit! 😀

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