My AGayCollab vid- I have big ones!

4 thoughts on “My AGayCollab vid- I have big ones!

  1. I have no idea why but I’ve been a sucker for big ears since I was young. In fact when I stumbled on one of your YouTube videos (can’t recall how) it was your ears (and the rest of your incredibly damned good looking face) that caught my eye. (Just like Russel Tovey who’s one of the few actors I’ve bothered to collect Internet images of.) I’m only vaguely into comics (I like SF and F books and movies a lot) but I watch your videos just to watch you. (Mild celebrity stalking…Believe you’ve heard of it.) And since this is all about your hotness…It’s not your perfectly ripped body that catches my eye because I’m not into that look (though that doesn’t mean I don’t look at you).

    To save me writing a full on fan letter I’ll add that your attitude and energy are great, I’m sure you have to be an inspiration to young queer guys who don’t see themselves in the standard gay scene (as pitched in gay mags, newspapers, and TV channels).

    I also like that you’re completely frank about porn. I see a ridiculous coyness about porn as if no one watches it and if they do they don’t really get into it.

    1. I love Tovey. Thanks for liking guys with big ears! That really means a lot to me. Also thanks for the compliments!

  2. OMG, the silence are hear everyone gather up some sharpies before it’s to late (Doctor who reference)

  3. When I saw the heading, “I Have Big Ones”, I thought you were talking about your balls. Well, speaking “figuratively”. You’re a guy that has followed his passions and does what he enjoys. Then created a forum where he can share it with others of a like mind. And secure in who you are to sometimes poke fun at yourself. You’ve also busted your butt in the gym to build a physique that can wear the tight, tough spandex of a superhero. How many “non-geek” guys could claim the same accomplishments? Speaking “literally”, I’ve seen photos of you at ComicCon that were taken at a very low angle. It’s not your ears that are thrusting your junk forward so that your “porno grade” cock is erotically outlined in the bulging basket of your Speedo.

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