My Obsession – Toys (My AGayCollab for the week)

3 thoughts on “My Obsession – Toys (My AGayCollab for the week)

  1. I just squealed when I saw your Masterpiece Rodimus Prime, but when you showed the rest of your Transformers I about creamed my shorts! Instant turn on to me as a Transformers collector! Would love to see more of your Transformers collection. If you’re on Instagram, I’ve got a lot of my collection posted on Instagram @subfrog. Not sure where you’re at in Florida, but if you make it to Tampa/Ybor, you’re welcome to stop by and see my collection.

  2. aww dude you should so do a vid on gay toys too 😛 im sure im not the only one that wants to know what ones you have and like 😉

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