New Wolverine Movie Seems Promising


Yesterday we were teased with a poster for the upcoming Wolverine movie. It shows Wolverine’s hand and a child’s hand holding Wolverine. It has been heavily speculated that the child is X-23 (Laura Kinney) Wolverines clone, but others are saying that it is his son Daken (Akihiro). It will more than likely be X-23 due to the constant hints, like from the ending of X-Men: Apocalypse when we see Mister Sinister take a vial of wolverines blood an puts it in his briefcase. This was a major clue to who will be in the film.

Today we just got a glimpse of what Professor X will look like in the film. He looks very war torn.


The writers and directors keep telling us that this will NOT be your usual X-Men movie (let alone Wolverine) as the characters seem to be more adult. They teased us with a picture of the second page of the script and from the looks of it not even 30 seconds into the film we already hear Wolverine drop the F-Bomb. With promise of not seeing movies like those brought to us by Michael Bay and his CG and EXPLOSIONS! It seems to be very promising. I for one am looking forward to this film and having Patrick Stewart coming back as Professor X is just an added bonus; though I wonder what his personality will be like compared to the other films. It would be cool to see both X23 and Daken in the film.

Are you guys looking forward to the new Wolverine movie?

Here are some pictures of Wolverine and his badassery along with his offspring.

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