Not Brothers Yet Part 3 – Johnny Rapid is back and joined by Scott Harbor’s has brought back Johnny Rapid! He was gone for a couple of months for personal events and now he’s made his return in a huge way. He’s going to be in a couple of scenes in the coming weeks, and he makes his debut with, Not Brothers Yet Part 3

It was a great way to start things up!

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This stars: Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid

This scene also has, Scott Harbor

Scott Harbor

5 thoughts on “Not Brothers Yet Part 3 – Johnny Rapid is back and joined by Scott Harbor

  1. Johnny Rapid is cute, adorable, and sexy. I LOVE watching him getting fucked like a bitch.

  2. I’ve been following Rapid’s porn vids for a long time. I didn’t realize he’d had problems with the law, but I do personally feel that he takes dick up the ass WAY too well to be completely straight. =)

    Great review.

  3. The series that both guys appear is stepfather’s secret not my new stepdad is a pervert , which I hope you recap since Johnny will appear in part 4 of it later this week as a friend or another stepson of this new stepdad.

    I see this scene as a prequel to the stepfather’s secret series. Btw are you planning of doing recap for old scenes like the pretty woman parody series that men did with Bennett as Julia Robert character and Dirk carver as Richard gere character? Also there is a mysteries of Bennett series a parody of the mystery of Laura show.

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