Power Boi – GayComicGeek’s Trusty Sidekick! What do you think? Would that name work?

Quinton, a cute buddy of mine has been messaging me lately about making a sidekick to the GayComicGeek character. He came up with the idea of Superboi, but I think I like the name PowerBoi instead. What do you guys think? He came up with this quick image as a concept. Obviously it’s based on him. What do you guys think? Just so you know, Quinton is an theater/art student at a university on the other side of the country, so I’ve never actually met him, but he’s such a super cool dude! His picture is at the bottom. He also drew his own version of the GCG character.

Power Boi



18 thoughts on “Power Boi – GayComicGeek’s Trusty Sidekick! What do you think? Would that name work?

    1. Haha, I’ve asked him for more pics. He’s thinking about it. Hopefully he’ll be willing to give some more revealing stuff.

  1. At the risk of revealing how much thought I’ve given this, I’ve been stuck on his name, and feeling like it should go with Gay Comic Geek. I started with Graphic Novel Boy (too Legion of SH)then shortened it to Graphic Boy or just Grafik, because I do loves me some graphically illustrated all male action…

    Just brainstorming here, but we’re all here on your site with the aid of technology, so maybe he is Digital Lad, shortened to Digit, with the power to summon digital apps that leave men powerless (yet wanting more). Also Quinton contains the latin root quint, meaning 5. I’m guess that those five magic digits would be a great help to his mentor (on and off duty).

    Just some random thoughts.

    1. Hmmm, I actually like Digit- or Digit Lad. I’m gonna ask him his thoughts. Thanks for putting so much thought into this.

    1. Haha, you know I was going with Power Bottom at first but I suppose the indirect route with Power Boi is better for the time being. I just need to convince him to go to a convention with me now.

  2. Okay, now cartoonists are going to need full studies of the costume so we can draw it out. Have this pensive new pal take full-figure pics of himself standing heroically so we get the proportions right, too. 😉

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