Prince Harry with a beard- SPLOOSH!

Prince Harry with a beard

Prince Harry wins extra hot points for being a Prince in general. The fact that he’s a ginger Prince, holy fracking hell, he wins so much more. He’s also served in the British military, which I have a soft spot/hard spot for any guy that’s been in the military. Now he’s a Hot Ginger Military Prince with a beard…damn…And I’m not one of those guys that think everyone should have a beard. I think every individual person has their own unique look and that beards are good on some and others not so much. It’s a matter of taste. I can’t even grow a full beard out. But I do like this look on Prince Harry.

Prince Harry with a beard 2

I would do so many things or let him do so many things to me. I think I would break every rule I’ve ever had if he asked me to. No joke. I’d only do that for like 5 guys on the planet that I know of at this point in my life. What do you think? You like this look on him or do you like his traditional clean shaven look better?

Prince Harry with a beard 4

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