Rainbro – An IndieGoGo Movie about a Straight Guy going to a Gay-Away Camp…This is Conflicting


There is an IndieGoGo Project for a movie called RainBro being as funded. Or it is in the process of being funded. The movie is about a straight bully, Cameron and his journey to be a better guy. The premise from the site Indiegogo.com/projects/rainbro states:

When a high school bully is accidentally sent to a gay reform summer camp, he must find a way to escape before his bad boy reputation is ruined forever. On his hilarious, yet heartfelt journey, he meets a diverse host of characters that ultimately challenge the way he sees the world, and himself.

I will say that I am conflicted on this. On the one hand, the movie looks cute and takes a comical approach to gay away camps. The religious aspect of this type of camp is absent in the trailer, which I am happy about. The topic of conversion camps is an extremely important topic to be recognized. Especially with ignorant parents sending their children to be tortured in some instances with their belief that this will somehow change their child’s orientation. But that can be talked about later in another post. The problem I have with this the most is that the movie is centering on the straight bully. It is a movie that looks like the target audience is the gay audience, but that the main character is straight and he got accidentally sent to this camp and it is his road to make him into a nice guy. The movie itself seems interesting, but I cannot see myself helping to fund a movie that is yet again centered on a straight character.


It feels as though this is another movie where the straight guy is the focus while all the gay men are just comical relief, or just his sidekicks. Which is irritating. This has been done numerous times. It does not appear that Cameron will be a secretly closeted gay guy himself. In fact it looks like he may even find love at this camp, while the guy that becomes his friend and possible love interest, will be left out. Again, this has been done. It is way too similar to every straight movie that has gay background characters with the straight main character finding love and everything needed while the gay background guys never get anything. In fact many times, the gay background guys are always just happy to be included and their happy endings result in them being the buddy that is accepted.


Granted, the movie does look like it will demonstrate that the straight bully will embrace “a heartfelt message of love, acceptance, and tolerance.” Which is good. But it still is another movie that is focusing on a straight bully and his comical exploits with gay sidekicks. This could be done so much differently with the same message and still not have the gay characters as background characters. The movie has not been completed yet and is still in the beginning phases. So I may be completely wrong though. There could be a different synopsis filmed and maybe the main character is secretly gay and will come out at the end. All the while, learning the same message of love, and acceptance.

What do you think? Am I thinking too much into this? I could be totally off. It does seem cute, I will give it that. Unfortunately I am over the straight guy in the center of a story that may or may not be aimed at a gay audience and still portrays us as the secondary characters. I definitely have no problem with the movie being made, I just do not know if I would want to help fund it. I think this could be so much better about an actual gay closeted character that is a bully because he cannot accept himself and his comical adventures at a conversion camp. Then I would definitely want to help fund it. But if you want to support the movie, by all means, do so. You can visit their IndieGoGo site at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rainbro#/.

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  1. aspects of the premise remind me of Eating Out the first one any way. which i did enjoy. I dont know. i agree that yes the conversion camp needs to be addressed. it kinda looks like the bully learns that being a bully is wrong and wants to overthrow the camp. (at least that is what it seems based on the trailer). I however do agree that the queeny gay men are more in focus for ‘humor’. That is the one thing that really annoyed me with Will and Grace. Will and Jake would call each other ladies just to get a laugh. that really bothered me. i personally do not think i will fund it. if it came out id rent it. but not sure id buy it.

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