Retail Ready Sexy Geeky Male Costumes?


It is that time of year again where you go out, buy all the chocolate you can eat, and think about what costume you are going as for Halloween. You realize that you don’t want to make one yourself and figure you can go out to your local store and purchase one. But hey, this year you want to do something sexy. You come to a problem once you walk into the store and that is there are no sexy versions of that superhero that you want to be and instead you have to buy more things to make one yourself. Why is that? Has anyone else noticed the lack of pre-made sexy male costumes? I am not talking about ones like this one.


I am talking about ones more like ones based off of comic books, video games, or anything geeky. Think about it. Where can you go, that isn’t online, that sells sexy versions for men? More than likely the answer is nowhere. This isn’t the case for our female counterparts. Everywhere you go to buy a pre-made costume you can see 1 of 3 types for the adults. The first is the male costume, the second would be the female costume, and the third would be a sexy female version. Men have to be creative and make custom costumes, and sometimes no one has the time for that or it can get a little more costly than the mass produced. I would love to see a sexy male Ghostbuster, Mario, Link, Batman, etc. in stores and not just at conventions. It is the 21st century and there is no shame for men who want to sexualize themselves just as well as women.

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 I fully support whoever can put this through. Mass produce these costumes. Let there be a male equivalent to a sexy female counterpart in retail stores.

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I may have hijacked these pictures from Google

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Special thanks to Aeden Roberts for supplying some badass sexy costumes. Especially his Sora costume from Kingdom Hearts.


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  1. Women have sexuality forced upon them. Men are given the option to volunteer. That’s the long-and-short of it (yes, I realize what I said) in modern American society.

    I agree wholeheartedly, though. We definitely need more of this.

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