Scream Queens – TV Pilot Spoiler and Non-Spoiler Review – Nick Jonas Baby!

Scream Queens (5).Movie_Snapshot

This was a fun show. It’s very slasher and horror related, but there’s so much camp and comedy in it, that you have to just let your mind go a bit. The comedy totally made me like this. That and another specific reason with Nick Jonas that I won’t go into yet. Check out my thoughts on the pilot episode.

Scream Queens.Movie_Snapshot

Did you watch it? Did you like it too or did you not care for the series intro?

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Scream Queens TV Series Pilot – Review Non-Spoiler and Spoiler from Paul Charles on Vimeo.

1 thought on “Scream Queens – TV Pilot Spoiler and Non-Spoiler Review – Nick Jonas Baby!

  1. I love this episode, my favorite parts were the Chanel #2 death, when the “straight” fratboys found Boone and when Chanel found Chad and Boone together in bed and she notice he had a big boner. I think Gigi could be helping the killer, she could be the nice brunette girl that was holding the baby also she said she dresses like because a dramatic in the 90’s

    Ryan Murphy has said on interviews that there will be only 4 survivors this season and if it gets a season 2 will add a whole new cast with those 4 and new setting

    I hope you keep reviewing the show

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