So, did you see that Trans/Bi/Gay/Hetero Orgy scene in the show Sense8? That was awesome. It’s not the only reason to see the show, but damn does it help. A lot! Check out the article I wrote over at

The review at just went into more detail about a couple subjects and it gave my impressions on the first season of Sense8. I attached the video that I made as well, but you should check out the series if you haven’t done so yet.

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4 thoughts on “Sense8 – Season One Review – Movie Pilot Article

  1. I watched this show because of your review. It was soooo amazing, I loved it. My favorite character was Wolfgang, and not just because we got to see his dick. XD

    Was it just me or were you confused of why Nomi didn’t want to have the brain surgery? Obviously we found out later that it was good that she didn’t, but where did the initial distrust of the doctor come from?

    1. That did seem odd. Most people take doctor’s recommendations pretty solidly. In this instance, she automatically didn’t trust him. Maybe there’s something deep seeded where she had bad incidents in the past.

  2. I ended up loving all characters, and totally agree with you with Lito. I initially suspect he was going to be one my fave, but wasn´t, mine was Nomi, she’s also a real real-life kick ass, she don´t uses here punches but her fingers.

    The actor who plays Lito, Miguel Ángel Silvestre is quite famous here in Spain, mostly for tv series I wasn’t interested at all, so was a shock to see him in something I really enjoyed.

    In the end all 8 bring something to the party, some skills, if you were one cluster member, what would be your “thing”? besides geeky knowledge…

    1. Nomi was awesome! She’s like Oracle. She could hack anything and do what she needed to protect them all in the end. My thing if I was in a cluster? I don’t have much to bring. I can’t even think of something that would be unique except leadership and probably bravery. I’m good at giving orders and thinking things through before I act on something.

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