Serpentine King Hssss Masters of the Universe Classics – He-Man Toy Figure Review

Serpentine King Hsss Masters of the Universe Classics Toy Review (3).Movie_Snapshot

If you had a Matty Collector Sub from the 2015 series of the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline, then you were promised an alternate body for the 200x King Hssss figure that was released. However this never happened. Luckily., Matty Collector fixed this by making Serpentine King Hssss available to those that had the 2015 sub in March 2016. Here he is, and he is pretty darn awesome! He’s simply the snake version of King Hssss, but he is much more ‘snakey’ and comes with interchangeable heads and alternate weapons. I think this was a great investment!

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