Sexy Costumed Guys! The Next Edition

Granted, I may have posted a couple of these guys in the past, I’m not sure. But every time I see a costumed guy that I think is hot, I save the pic. Here’s a new edition of pics that I think are incredible.

The last Gifs are pretty much what I’m doing as I see so many of these hot guys in costume. I love being a geek!

3 thoughts on “Sexy Costumed Guys! The Next Edition

  1. I love the Spider-Cap costume. That is so clever. I think the sexy half-naked Scarlet Spider is professional wrestler Finn Balor. He’s also done a Venom getup for his wrestling entrance.

  2. hot pics.
    the gif and what you said put alot of images in my head.
    im sure im not alone in that.

  3. 1). That Wolverine is HOT!

    2). Black Superboy!

    3). Sexy Mario!

    4). I call dibs on touching the Red Ranger’s bulge next.

    5). Nightwing and Batman kissing? Yes, please!

    6). Watch out, Boy Wonder! Ghostface is behind you!

    7). Spider-Man and Wolverine kissing? YES PLEASE!

    8). The body paint Symbiote is cool.

    9). I’ll be over later so we can do the last two together. 🙂

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