Sexy Male Cosplay Spotlight – Dan Morash Cosplay

I had the honor of meeting the cosplayer Dan Morash at Katsucon 2018. Immediately I noticed how astonishingly impressive his Nightwing costume looked when I saw him in the distance. What was even better was that he did not mind at all when I asked if I could take a picture gawking at his ass. He did have a nice ass. I wish I had taken more pictures now.

After a little research I found Dan’s Facebook Fanpage and was amazed at how accurate his costuming skills really were on his other creations. His Robin and Paladin Voltron outfits are outstanding! Plus, looking at his Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender gives me all kinds of feels!

I found out that others appreciate his nice ass as well. So I don’t feel like a total perve asking to take a picture appreciating it. Check out Dan’s other costuming pics below and also check out his social media site. I am excited to see what he will come out with next.

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