Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight – AsgarDoesCosplays aka Asgar

Have you met the hottie costumer Asgar? Also known as AsgarDoesCosplays on Instagram. WOW! This 23 year old cosplayer not only suits up as a particular figure but he becomes the characters themselves. I am convinced that he has a mutant shape shifting ability. Or maybe he’s Spider-Man’s nemesis the Chameleon. His skills are off the chart and I feel like he should be working in entertainment full time. He does use some Photoshopping with his pictures, but that just makes his pictures so much real.

Asgar is a gay cosplayer himself. There does not seem to be a limit to the number of characters that Asgar is able to create, and I say, more power to you stud! Check out his Instagram site for more pics:

Here are a few of his cosplays that I personally enjoy. Be sure to check out all of his other costumes on his personal page.