Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight- Leigh!

This time the sexy male costumer goes to my buddy, Leigh! Not only is this British playboy super sexy, but he’s got this knack of getting naked at conventions. Particularly, he seems to get naked at Dragon Con. But he’s got an awesome ass, so I’d be wanting to show that off as much as possible if I were him too.

I’m glad that I met Leigh a couple years ago. He’s one of those guys that’s not only always happy, but he’s someone that you can talk to on just about any subject. The fact that he’s such a badass costumer makes him even cooler! He’s totally straight, but we won’t hold that against him.

The Professional pics of Leigh in bed are taken

Leigh’s site is at:

Check out some of his pics and let me know what you think!:

Leigh ass 2

Leigh ass 3

Leigh ass

Leigh costume 1

Leigh costume 2

Leigh costume 3

Leigh costume 4

Leigh costume 5

Leigh costume 6

Leigh costume 7

Leigh costume 8

Leigh Face

Leigh Han Solo

Leigh Hunger Games

Leigh Joker 2

Leigh Joker

Leigh Naked 2

Leigh Naked 3

Leigh Naked

Leigh Nightwing

Leigh Punisher

Leigh Smile

Leigh Spock

Leigh Suit


Sexy Leigh 1

Sexy Leigh 2

Sexy Leigh 3

Sexy Leigh 4

Sexy Leigh 5

Sexy Leigh 56

Winter Soldier 1

Winter Soldier 2

Winter Soldier 3

Winter Soldier 15

Winter Soldier 25

4 thoughts on “Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight- Leigh!

  1. I don’t recall seeing him at DragonCon before. I do seem to remember his Joker though. You are right he does have a nice ass. Why is it that our straight friends like to get half naked and tease us with their hot asses. they know it’s torture for us. LOL I do remember seeing you at DragonCon but I was afraid to come over and say Hi. You seemed busy in an in depth conversation with your friends and I didn’t want to bother you.

  2. very cute and sexy. i must remember to not stare at him too much.
    i like the one with you as Beast boy and with him.

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