Sexy Male Ginger Thursday – Gingers Are Not Heading Towards Extinction!

Ginger 28

As crazy as that sounds. I read an article that redheads are heading towards extinction because of genetics with the the dominating genes of other people blocking the recessive fair complexion that generates a crimson light pattern within the hair and skin. Otherwise known as ginger-vitis. Obviously that’s a made up word, although that word does exist in the Urban Dictionary.

Ginger 1

Anyways, the original article I read was reading kept citing Oxford Hair Foundation, making it seem very legit. Supposedly, the ginger people we all know and love now would be extinct by 2060. However, turns out, that entire article was written with sponsorship by Proctor & Gamble. Which this is a hair product company that is advertising hair dyes. After reading another article, from HowScienceWorks, I discovered that the entire “extinction” of the ginger species, was nothing but a hoax to buy more hair products.

Ginger 26

That was a HUGE relief. I don’t want the world to be defunct of the hotness of all the ginger people we know and love now. Damn, I can’t imagine if we didn’t have gingers in the world. What kind of sexy man pics would we look at on Thursdays if gingers were not around? I’m making this Ginger Thursday thing an actual thing dammit! Enjoy!

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  1. Not sure if the science is correct but I do know for sure that Gingers have decreased due to the more dominant Latin American and Middle Eastern races being more present in the American culture. I would miss Gingers too, they get me hard as a rock and leaking like there’s no tomorrow but I think they are decreasing in number.

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