Shameless Season 4 Review! Damn, I can’t believe it’s already over.

So took a couple hours, but filmed a quick (long) video about the 4th season of Shameless. It is filled with SPOILERS. Don’t watch unless you’ve seen the season finale. I really like this show and can’t wait until season 5!

3 thoughts on “Shameless Season 4 Review! Damn, I can’t believe it’s already over.

  1. Because of your posts about it, I decided to give Shameless I watch. I ended up binge watching all four seasons. My god this show is fantastic. I am in love with this family. Thanks Paul!

    Also, now what should I catch up on? This is my gym watching (iPad) and summer’s coming so need a new show to keep treadmill boredom from killing me.

  2. Shameless has got to be one of my favorite shows of all time. Mickey and Ian are by far the best gay couple on TV. I totally identify with them because I’m not out but to a few people and I would love to find that kind of true love. Mickey really starts to show that in this season. throughout the series I have seen myself have some of the same internally struggles which makes this show great for me. It defiantly made me jealous. I agree, I”m tired of Fiona’s story line. Although, the writers did a good job writing her addiction coming from a previous addictions counselor. Also, did you notice steve/jimmy drove by the house at the end of the finally? I thought he was dead.

    Side note: did i hear a blackberry in your vid? #teamblackberry

  3. Fiona’s story just really seems thrown together in this season. Like they had an idea for what they wanted to do with her, but never bothered to actually develop it. I was scared for a while that Debbie’s story was gonna take a really creepy turn for a while, but I’m glad it didn’t. I like the new sister, She’s not quite as amoral as some of the others, but she’s still just as fucked up. Lip really stepped up this year, in taking care of the others, so Fiona’s story arch at least gave him a chance to grow up. Not enough nice things to say about Micky and Ian’s story. Though to tell the truth, it was all about Micky this year for me. I’m curious to see what’s gonna happen with these two next year.

    P.S.: Didn’t the army give up looking for Ian kinna easy? I guess they got other stuff to worry about.

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