Shelter – Gay Surfer Movie Review


Who doesn’t love a feel good movie about gay surfers who have an incredibly happy ending? Here’s my review on Shelter. It was pretty damn awesome!

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3 thoughts on “Shelter – Gay Surfer Movie Review

  1. I love Shelter. I totally agree with you about this movie. It is a feel-good movie. The story is sweet, the acting is really good and the guys are hot. I also really liked the soundtrack. I own the DVD and watch it from time to time. Have you ever watched the movie “Beautiful Thing?” It’s from the 1990s and another really good movie.

  2. Thanks for a fantastic and thorough review. I hate to be critical – but the sound from the movie several times was bleeding through, making it difficult to hear your commentary. All in all – you’ve given me a reason to look up this movie!

    1. Ah damn, I thought I made the sound low so that it could be heard and not be a problem. Crap, next time I’ll just have to mute it altogether.

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