Bulge 28

Everyone wants to show their dicks off immediately online. Which is fine if that’s your thing, but I honestly don’t care about seeing a guy’s dick so much. I like some mystery and the allusion that someone is hiding their potential. That’s why I love to see guy’s bulges. I do not always check a guy’s crotch out immediately but I will take that glance from time to time.

Superman Bulge

I have made several ‘Bulge’ posts in the past. Many of been pics that have been sent to me or by submissions from all you guys out there. Some of you have great pics to share of yourself or others that you have seen online here and there. And because so many have requested that I make another listing, I figure, let’s go for it again! Here are some pics that have been submitted to me and some pics I have found. I will be posting again next week some time, so if you have a pic you want to submit to me, please submit it at the end of this post or email me at: gaycomicgeek@hotmail.com.