Slaveboy in Space – GayComicGeek Fan Fic

JezzaSmilez_GCGvsCockMonster is a great writer for fan fics. Recently he wrote a story involving me, or my alter ego-mu GayComicComic superhero character. I have to admit, this turned me on a lot. On paper, I’m a lot more freaky than I like to admit, and I definitely love reading about my character being humiliated. Here’s LoverBoyBlues first chapter to this story where I am kidnapped by space aliens and I’m already turned into a sex slave. I can’t wait to read the next part!

Slaveboy in Space
by Paris St. James. (a working title)
Part 1- Kidnapped!

(warning, this story involves explicit sexual violence. don’t read if you’re not into that)

Being a superhero had it’s perks, and getting to watch the sunrise from the moon was definitely one of them. Paul Charles, known to the world as the champion of gay geeks everywhere, Primus, had the power to create an aura of energy that allowed him to travel at great speeds, even through space. And sometimes, when he wasn’t saving people’s lives, he even got to use his powers for a little down time.

Impressed, as always, by the incredible cosmic sight of a sun peaking over the horizon of a planet, he smiled, and flew back towards the atmosphere. He had a long day ahead of him, and it was time to start.

Which was the perfect time for everything to get completely fucked.

Out of nowhere, a phosphorescent green glow surrounded him, and he stopped in mid-flight. He couldn’t move. His energy aura started breaking down, and suddenly he couldn’t breath anymore, either! The light grew brighter, too bright to see, and he felt a sickly feeling of his stomach dropping, like falling in an elevator.

Before he knew it, he was suddenly in a room, surrounded by bleak grey walls made of metal. The floor was cold, but there was air, and he took a deep, desperate breath, filling his lungs. A sound came from behind him, and when he turned, he saw a section of the wall open up, and a man, or creature really, stepped in with a weapon aimed at him.

Without giving Paul a chance to react with his own energy blast ability, the newcomer shot him, a pulse of red energy hitting Paul right in the chest. It felt like a million volts of energy coursed through his system, and he shook, crying out in incredible pain, until finally he collapsed on the cold metal floor, unable to move, barely able to think.

In broken english, the man spoke as he stepped up to Paul, leaning down. “Relax, human. You’re not going anywhere, for now,” he growled, his voice low and gravelly, as he secured some sort of collar around Paul’s neck. “Welcome to the Arkon Empire.”

His brain was fuzzy from the electric shock, but somewhere in the back of his mind, he recognized the name… Where had he heard it? Then he heard a click from the weird collar thing, and another painful jolt of electricity tore through his body. He shuddered, unable to move, his body flopping slightly.

“Good, the collar works. That will make this so much easier,” the stranger grunted. He turned Paul over onto his back, and for the first time, Paul was able to get a good look at the being. For one thing, he clearly wasn’t human. The alien’s skin was a pale green, and he had mottled spots all over, like an octopus. He was humanoid, though, and built tall and muscular, with bulging arms, and an impressively swollen chest. The creature had no ears, and no nose, but a full-lipped mouth, and eyes with elliptical pupils, like a snake.

He work no shirt, but had a harness fitted with a holster, and a few daggers in sheaths. His dark pants were practically bursting at the crotch with what was clearly a massive package under the stretched fabric. He didn’t wear shoes; instead, his bare feet were bent back, like some sort of demon’s, and three huge clawed toes held him up, as is he were standing on tip-toe.

The beast grinned as he watch Paul take in his form. “That’s right, human, take a good, long look,” he mocked, the rough sound of his voice grating on Paul’s ears. “Get to know this body, as you will be spending some time with me. I am Grask, your Trainer. But you will call me Master, and nothing else!” As he spat out the last words, he grabbed Paul by the collar, lifting his limp body in the air, and pulling his face close. Grask’s breath stank of something Paul didn’t want to try to think of, and the monster opened his mouth, a long, dark purple tongue snaking its way out , and sliding across Paul’s face. It was over a foot long, and almost prehensile, and it covered Paul in a sickly green saliva that stank horribly.

It was then that it clicked. Where he’d heard the name Arkon before. A mention in a file somewhere about an alien race, who’s society thrived on slave trading. They were famous for their slaves, beings from all walks of life, trained to be perfectly obedient and never stray from their master’s hold. Did this mean he was to be a slave?

“Mmmm, I’ve not tasted human flesh in a long time,” Grask murmured, and dropped Paul on the floor. Paul grunted as his body hit the ground, and felt the alien’s rough hands grab him, pushing him onto his stomach. He felt his pants being torn open, and his ass was suddenly bare to the cool air. “Yes, human… You will be a feast!” he heard Grask exclaim, and then something slimy started touching his ass. The alien was licking up across the crack of his ass, as Grask’s hands pulled his cheeks apart, exposing his hole. The long tongue lapped against his pucker, as the alien grunted approval. Paul shuddered, but couldn’t stop the creature from molesting him. He lay there, helpless, as Grask’s long, thick tongue started entering him, teasing inside him.

The alien stretched and worked at Paul’s ass, and even though he hated every moment of it, he could feel himself getting hard, his cock pressed painfully against the floor. He moaned slightly, in spite of himself, and felt the tongue snake back out of his ass. “Yesssss, slut. You are going to be a good tool, a perfect little slave. It is time for your first right of passage!”

Paul could feel something large and blunt being pressed against his hole, and he screamed as Grask suddenly sunk what had to be his immense alien cock into Paul. The slick saliva from the beast’s rimjob did nothing to help, and Paul could feel his skin tear as the creature fucked him cruelly. His hole had never experienced anything this big, and he cried, and whimpered, begging the monster to stop. But Grask only grew more insistant, grabbing Paul’s body, and flipping him over on his back. He was on his knees, and he pulled Paul closer to him, sinking his mammoth boner inside the abused boy’s hole.

Grask grabbed Paul’s cock, and started stroking it. Even in the pain and humiliation of being raped, the creature’s rough hands seemed to expertly know how to bring Paul back to an erect state. He growled and grunted, pounding away at Paul’s ass, while jacking him fast, a tight grip driving Paul closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly he was shooting, cum spurting all across his chest, covering him in hot jizz. His asshole tightened from the orgasm, and he screamed as he felt Grask cum inside him, a hot, almost burning sensation. He could feel his ass being filled with the salty cockjuice the alien was breeding him with.

Grask pounded every drop of his load inside the boy’s ravaged hole, until he was finally spent. Pushing the boy roughly to the floor, he stood up, his still hard cock dangling in front of him. Paul was able to barely move his head, and look up. The beast’s dick was terrifying, a purple head atop an uncut green shaft. It had to be over a foot in length, easily. He had no ballsack, but a lump at the base of his cock suggested the creature only had one testicle, or whatever their race’s version of that was.

Grask grinned, looking down at his new toy. “That’s right, slut. Do not forget this moment. It is the moment you became my property. It is the moment I allowed you to be my pleasure, and not my food.” Giving the boy an evil glare, he grabbed his cock, and started pissing, a pale purple color. It was hot, and rank, and he let go a long, powerful stream right onto Paul’s face. He couldn’t help but get some in his mouth, as he spat and blubbered under the deluge.

Then, the massive alien turned, and walked away, the wall opening closing behind him. Paul was left on the ground, covered in his own cum, and soaked with the putrid piss of the alien. Hot, steaming alien jizz oozed out of his hole. His whole body ached, and he could barely move. He’d been raped by that bastard Grask, in the most violent way, and he hated it. He felt abused. He felt worthless. He felt ashamed.

He’d never been fucked like that in his life, and his cock was still raging hard.