Sloppy Seamen – UNCUT Scene Review Starring Adam Killian from

You have to fucking love The Sloppy SeaMen scene with Adam Killian, fucking rocks!!

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Adam Killian

And Marc Dylan (He’s also very hot!)

Marc Dylan

2 thoughts on “Sloppy Seamen – UNCUT Scene Review Starring Adam Killian from

  1. Yeah, the thrusting push-ups are classic, aren’t they? There’s another position he does that drives me nuts. I think of it as the “lion in rut”, mounting his partner like a quadruped, arm around there neck, tongue in their ear, growling like a predator…just thinking about it does stuff to me.
    By the way, I hear he’s a sweetheart in real life, which just makes the aggressive stuff even hotter.

  2. You’ve made a fan of Adam Killian. I wasn’t that into him for a long time, but you helped me appreciate him a lot more. So thanks for that! 😛

    Also, if you ever do make a porn for Jasun Mark, he could theoretically arrange for you to have a scene with Killian. Not saying it WILL happen, but it’s definitely a possibility. I’m sure that Jasun would say ‘yes’ to that just so he could get you naked in front of a camera! 😀

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