So does anyone know where to find leather underwear like this for a Spartan costume? I’d want to do this costume just to wear that. It’s hot!


4 thoughts on “Spartan Costume

  1. I’ll be your personal fluff… er,… Oh Hell, just let me be there to fondle you!

    1. i definitely want to see pix of you in this costumes..its the hottest..and with a 2nd movie on the way…it will be asesome

  2. I bought a pair of those 300 replica briefs direct from the manufacturer last year:

    I can’t say that I was particularly impressed. The fit was pretty bad due to the stiffness of the leather, you’d have to significantly work/treat the leather to get it to wear properly and modify a lot of the manufacturing to get decent results (hours of work). If you consider it a starting point I suppose it’s better than starting completely from scratch but not by a great measure honestly. I also had to return my first pair that was ordered as one of the snaps was broken right out of the box. At least from a customer service perspective the company was good. I definitely like their other accessories like the armor and gear…just not this piece.

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