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I just came across the cutest Children’s Kickstarter campaign for an LGBT children’s book that teaches tolerance and equality! It’s called Square Zair Pair. It was created by Jase Peeples and the book was illustrated by Christine Knopp. I have to say that it’s adorable and pretty darn good.



Check out their Kickstarter campaign at:Kickstarter.com/projects/1147542421/square-zair-pair-a-story-celebrating-diversity-of



If anything, check out the video to hear a portion of the story, just to hear Samantha Newark from JEM narrate it.



Jase Peeples did an incredible job of making this story relate to society without it seeming terrifying to any family setting. But I think I love the illustrations more than anything. The playfulness and the background is something that all children everywhere would love.



If you don’t check out their Kickstarter, the older Squares and Rounds will be disappointed!

Source: GayComicGeek – Safe