Now that Back to the Future day is over, can we get back on Star Wars? No disrespect to Doc and McFly though. If any of you are into gaming then you probably have heard of  Star Wars Battlefront. It is the next game in the Battlefront series that is due to come out on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. and was in beta for awhile. If you were lucky enough to try it out you would realize how fun it is. The game obviously has a multiplayer mode as seen from the beta, while the beta gave us a glimpse at what was to come. It appears there will be 7 multiplayer modes with the option of either split-screen co-op or solo. They did announce that they were doing away with a traditional story mode. This is rather unfortunate as some people don’t really get along with others online.


Recently they announced that Leia, Han, and Palpatine will be playable in the game. This is especially exciting due to the fact that this adds gun characters to the battle.


Leia sounds like she will be a support character who is able to boost other players abilities. Similar to that of the “healer” class in any RPG without the healing.


Han looks like he will be basically a strong soloist. Able to wipe the floor on his own. Given 3 abilities, a rapid fire, lucky shot, and shoulder charge it will seem like he will be a really great powerhouse for whomever gets to play as him.


Palpatine sounds like he will be way overpowered and able to over power his allies. Gameplay he has his signature lightning and chain-lightning, but what makes him more threatening is the fact that he can boost players abilities as well as his own.

battlefront_leaked_alpha_tatooine_23 Star-Wars-Battlefront-Gameplay-trailer-584685 vader

I for one an way to excited to play this game as the beta was a blast. More and more news keeps popping up closer to the release date of November 17th  for North America and a few days later for the rest of the world. I am sure this will keep most Star Wars fans busy until the movie coming out this Christmas, or at the very least distracted for a while. As a suggestion though, if you pre-order the game there will be that pre-order bonus titled Battle of Jakku is supposed to tie into The Force Awakens. Of course this is going to be free for everyone, but those who do pre-order get the DLC a week early. This is extremely exciting because you can actually take part in the story rather than just reading or viewing it.


Also who doesn’t like seeing humiliating deaths to Luke?

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  1. unfortunately, from what I’ve seen it looks like another battlefield/cod game and honestly the jedi mode looked as unimpressive as battlefront 2. So i’m going to wait a while before I buy especially after getting burned on thief.

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