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You have got to love it when you’re having a conversation with someone and you have no idea that they’re being fucked by someone behind a closed door. To me, that is so fucking incredible! Billy Santoro and Colby Jansen do just that in this scene from’s Stealth Fuckers Part 1. I love these kind of scenarios!

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This Scene stars: Colby Jansen

Colby Jansen

And Billy Santoro

>Billy Santoro

1 thought on “Stealth Fuckers – Men.Com UNCUT Scene Review

  1. Some time ago, the Gay Comic Geek reviewed a video called the Ass Bandit, which is similar to the theme of this video. Well, there’s an Ass Bandit, Part 3 – which like this video brings the back some comedy in gay porn! Since porn is supposed to exist on a fantasy level – the idea of getting caught while getting splacked makes for comedy gold. If they would have added the words, “What ad?” at the end – it would have made the scene so much better.

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