Stepfather’s Secret Part 5-8 UNCUT Review from Men.Com fucking rocks! I love the Stepfather’s Secret storyline. The scenes are so fucking hot. Maybe it’s because of Dirk Caber. I don’t know, but either way, I love these scenes! Check out my review below and check out the site: to see the actual scenes.

These scenes star: Dirk Caber


Asher Hawk


Sam Northman

Sma Northman

Trevor Spade

Trevor Spade

Johnny Rapid


And Phenix Saint

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10 thoughts on “Stepfather’s Secret Part 5-8 UNCUT Review from Men.Com

  1. I agree all of them are superhot but what happened to the son from part 3 working on the suv. I loved him in part 4 also. Johnny amazes me at what he does for a straight guy but to each his own. I admit I wish I was apart of that family also…

    1. I’ve honestly never read the Handjobs magazine. Unfortunately most magazines are a dying medium though. It is sad for any any long running publication to end.

  2. Paul, I love your reviews of the horny sex scenes, and I’m like you, I have a huge crush on Dirk Caber. He makes my dick hard!

  3. Love the stepfather secret series. Dirk is hot I don’t know is his voice of the way he acts but damn like you I would have love to have a stepfather like him. Btw are you reviewing the new series is releasing for this Halloween week call the Howl? Is about werewolves with Paddy obrien and Colby Keller

    1. I did not know about the Howl series. I will look into it now though. Damn, I can’t believe I missed that. I will definitely do a vid on those scenes.

  4. I love the Stepfather’s Secret series. I haven’t watched a lot of the later ones, but this review makes me want to just for that last part.

    One thing, though. When you showed the clips for Gay of Thrones, the audio cut in a bit too loud. It wasn’t anything serious, but it made hearing you difficult. Just FYI.

    Once more, love your porn reviews!

    1. Yeah, I messed up on the audio on that with the Gay of Thrones clips. I can’t believe I didn’t review the vid before I posted. It’s a matter of me checking before hand and I got lazy. I’ll remember to check in the future.

      1. I’ve had that happen to me before. I always go through and check a video after it has rendered to see if there are any errors. I’ve gotten lazy a time or two myself. It’s embarrassing.

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