Storm Marvel Select (3).Movie_Snapshot

It’s Storm from Marvel Select! Thank you Brandon for sending this figure! I love her! This is one of the coolest Marvel Select figures made. In my opinion of course.

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2 thoughts on “Storm – Marvel Select Action Figure Review

  1. She’s my favorite fictional character of all time .<

    I dislike the hard plastic cape's immobility — a softer plastic or even cloth might have worked better, and then could be attached to her bracers like it is in the comics. — but this is still one of my favorite figures. Just wish I'd gotten the one with the cool hairstyle.

    (p.s. I actually took the cape off her and put it on a different Storm figure, the one from Toy Biz's "Robot Fighters" line, which isn't very poseable to begin with but has a really pretty sculpt and one of her lesser-used costumes, the blue crop top, tights, and thigh boots combo from the late 90s. She works really well as a display piece with the hard Select cape!)

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