Superman – The Greatest and one of the Sexiest of Superheroes

THE Superman

Every now and then I like to show certain costumers or in this case, certain characters in the spotlight. Superman is the original modern day superhero. He was originally drawn as a strong man and later shown to be the very example of male sexiness. His creators were Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. Shuster attempted to be a body builder himself and wanted to exemplify the male form on page. Hence, Superman always had a muscular build and an awesome ass. Granted his sexiness was hidden for a time during the more homophobic years of comic books because of the fragile heterosexual male afraid of sexualized male form. But still, he is a sexy hero and here are some very hot cosplayers out there that are proud to show their love of Superman.

1 thought on “Superman – The Greatest and one of the Sexiest of Superheroes

  1. Superman is so hard to pull off. There is a timeless feel to it. The costume is ridiculous. But any kid could make it from the cloths they already had.
    I think I have seen only one sexy Superman at a party. He had an amazing costume and I guess it was his stature. Tall but athletic. Not a huge bulky guy. Still look fast.
    lol dance with him a bit.

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