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Sometimes I Really Like Rough Sex – Just Saying – Do You? (NSFW)

No reason whatsoever, I just feel incredibly horny. I sometimes like intimate porn. Other times I like to see guys being manhandled and roughed up a bit. Today is a rough up day. Giving and receiving. Here’s some pics/gifs. Enjoy!

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Skuff Rough Trade Part 1 – UNCUT Movie Review from Hot House Video – Directed by Nick Foxx (NSFW)

This is the first time I’ve hosted my own review video, so please let me know if the video works below. Anyways though, this review is for Skuff – Rough Trade Part 1 from Hot House Video. This is a mildly bondage-y flick. Nothing extreme by a long shot. It was more worth it just to see Micah Brandt with a ballgag and Derek Bolt in a bit of a puppy mode. It was fucking hot! This was directed by the talented Nick Foxx.

After you watch this vid, check out the full movie at: Hot House Video

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Aggressive Fucking- THE BEST KIND OF FUCKING!

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